Who is David McCarthy???

I make music, share it in live settings and write about it too.

My wide range of experience both as a musician and music journalist gives me a unique insight into where popular music has been and where it might be going.

As a recording artist my releases under various guises in many different styles have been critically acclaimed and receive global airplay.

Live band and DJ performances have seen me support U2, play at festivals around the world and entertain more than 250,000 people at my own club night in London.

In my role as a music journalist I've written hundreds of thousands of words for major print and online publications and authored two books published worldwide.

I have no idea how many other people have the same name, but as the popular chant on football terraces across the world sung to the tune of 'Juan Tanamera' might have it, there's only one David McCarthy dot com!


If you've downloaded any of my music for free (it's ok, lots of people do it!), if you like the unofficial mashup/bootleg/remixes or have enjoyed any of the writing I do, feel free to PaypalMe

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Adventures in music...

Writing about music...

I began writing for legendary UK music weekly Melody Maker whilst still at school studying for 'A' levels. Since then many words have appeared in print and online with my name attached to them, including two books on 'pop culture' published worldwide.

Over the last decade I've had my own review section in the world's biggest dance music monthly DJ Mag for five years and contributed major features and interviews too. I've also been a 'Tastemaker' for UK trade mag Music Week and continue to air my thoughts, ideas and views on where music has been and where it might be going...

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Music making...

"IDC is a genius" DJ Mag

My second album as 'IDC', 'The Sun is Always Shining Above The Clouds', was recently remastered to apparently "bring out the stunning full range of orchestral elements and future-proof dancefloor power on this new version."

It bucks the trend for 'Loudness War' brickwall limiting and comes complete with a deluxe edition featuring extended 12" mixes and alternative versions. It got some nice reviews...

"Worldwide club hits, two acclaimed albums and headline international DJ dates all mean that the recording artist/producer/DJ from London known as IDC is a widely acclaimed figure in the ever-evolving electronic music scene."

"A brilliant work full of optimism"
DJ Mag 9/10

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
'Tune of the Month'

"One of electronic music's finest purveyors"

Dancefloor rock'n'roll"

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